Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This really is it...

OK, I said I was giving up blogging here, but I've got to a fitting end to this whole thing, so I thought I'd round it off with a bang.

Finally, after seemingly endless attempts, I ran my good for age marathon time.


I made it by 55 seconds, but I made it. I'm not just a former fattie, or someone who's playing at running, I've hit an objectively set target that applies to everyone. I'm Good.

(and on the For Age side, I'm turning 30 on Saturday, but at least I know I'm good for it...)

There's still a whole lifetime of maintenance and running and doing stuff ahead of me, but I'm in a nice place right now. I'm not doing any more marathons before London 2009 (I posted my application today - guaranteed entry!) so I'm going to relax for a bit, make the most of life, and just enjoy the person I've become.

Thanks to all the people who have said they'll miss me, but I think I'm ready to fly away and live this thing on my own.